World terror deaths rise by a third

The number of people killed in acts of terrorism across the world has risen by nearly a third in the past year, British experts have found....


Top answers for ABC’s talk-it-out segment

 On ABC’s talk-it-out segment, our question, “What should you consider as one great potential that Africa must concentrate on to help develop its economic growth and why?” brought some great answers. Here they are! Via Twitter Mark Afolabi (@marctita) – “Africa should focus on #afordableinternet access, because the future of the world is a knowledge based on the economy, the internet, its back bone #affordableinternet”  Rosemary (@hindatu87) – “Industries” Via LinkedIn Charles Akpo –“Africa has been bedeviled with bad governance or if you like, bad leadership. Mo...


PEN American Center: In Ethiopia, Protecting Yourself Online Is A Crime

Six Ethiopian bloggers were formally charged with terrorism in Ethiopia's Lideta High Court last week, a move provoking deep concern for hackers and human rights activists in Ethiopia and around the world. Read more: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Digital Freedom, Zone 9 Bloggers, Kality Prison, Endalkachew Michael, Zone 9, World News...

Cybersmart takes on fibre market

Cybersmart sees fibre technology bringing SA "true triple-play services". Local Internet service provider (ISP) Cybersmart has launched...



This Woman Was Raped In South Sudan, But Here’s Why She Keeps Going Back

For the last decade, Kimberly Smith and her husband have provided complete care and protection from slave trafficking to more than 1,500 Sudanese wome... Read more: Rape, Hpl, Make Way Partners, Kimberly Smith, Video, Sudanese Orphanage, Rape in Sudan, Darfur Sudan, Darfur Crisis, World News...

Kelly Rowland having a boy?

Pregnant singer Kelly Rowland has been spotted browsing blue clothing and accessories for her baby registry. Reports say she's expecting a b...


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